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My Team

Amila Jayasinghe

PhD Candidate

Amila completed his BSc in Civil Engineering with a first class from University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka in 2018. Before joining for the PhD at University of Cambridge, he worked with INSEE Cement as a research associate affiliated with University of Moratuwa. Amila’s PhD will look at the optimization of concrete structures with fabric formwork, combining ultra high performance fibre reinforced concrete and flexible FRP fabric.

Lead Supervisor: Dr John Orr. Advisor: Professor Campbell Middleton

Angus Peters

PhD Candidate

Angus is a PhD candidate focusing on the dynamic response of floors and the application of machine learning in the assessment of floors. Angus completed his Bachelors at the University of Surrey in Civil and Environmental Engineering before undertaking his master at Imperial College London in General Structural Engineering. Angus then worked at AKT 2 for a year working exclusively on Google’s new UK headquarters before returning to academia to complete his PhD under Dr John Orr.

Diana Thomas McEwen


Diana is principal technician for the ACORN project. She formerly worked in the Dyson Centre for Undergraduate Engineering Design at the university for three years, where she operated, maintained and trained students and staff on a variety of 3D printing devices, as well as laser and plasma cutting, enabling prototype design and manufacture.

Prior to this for six years Diana worked offshore as a marine biologist and gained practical experience with electrical and mechanical engineering working on research vessels all over the world. Diana was responsible for operating and maintaining a wide range of complex survey equipment (like deepwater camera systems), leading teams of scientists and training junior staff.

Dr Robin Oval


Robin is joining the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge in 2019 as a Research Associate on the ACORN project, on automating concrete construction ( Between 2016 and 2019, Robin completed his PhD at the Laboratoire Navier at l’École des Ponts in Paris and at the Block Research Group at ETH Zürich, introducing topology finding of patterns for structural design. Prior to this, Robin graduated as a structural engineer from l’École des Ponts in 2016, following a double curriculum in structure and architecture with the architecture school of Paris-Marne. For a year, Robin also gained practice experience in the the structural engineering office Bollinger + Grohmann in Frankfurt in 2014/2015. His Master’s thesis with the Block Research Group tackles the design of force patterns for funicular form finding and was exhibited at the 2016 Architecture Biennale in Venice.

Eliana Cortes

PhD Candidate

Eliana obtained a BSc in Architecture followed by MSc in Building Construction at the National University of Colombia before joining the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Faculty of Architecture and Design as an Assistant Professor and researcher. She moved to the University of Bath in 2015 to start her PhD studies. Her research explores new alternatives and methods for design and cast concrete surfaces in precast moulds.

Lead Supervisor: Dr John Orr. Co-Supervisors: Dr Chris Williams, Professor Tim Ibell, Professor Stephen Emmitt

Ellie Marsh

PhD Candidate

Ellie Marsh is a part-time PhD student who transferred to the University of Cambridge in her second year of study. She started as a PhD student in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Decarbonisation of the Built Environment in the Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering at the University of Bath. She also completed her MEng degree in Civil and Architectural Engineering at the University of Bath. Ellen’s PhD will look at finding the most efficient structural layouts for multiple concrete slab technologies to minimize embodied carbon.

Supervisor: Dr John Orr. Advisor: Professor Julian Allwood

Jennifer George

PhD Candidate

Jenny is a PhD Candidate in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and the Built Environment at the University of Cambridge. Previously completed a BSc in Project Management for Construction at University College London. Prior research themes: modular and off-site construction, risk in innovative construction business models, and sustainable design.

Supervisor: Dr John Orr. Advisor: Professor Peter Guthrie

Réka Mandoki

PhD Candidate

Réka is a Ph.D. student in the Centre for Doctoral Training in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment at the University of Cambridge. She got an M.Sc. degree in Architecture from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2017 and worked as a BIM Expert and a Junior Architectural Engineer in Studio IN-EX before joining FIBE in 2018. Her research investigates the social limits of mass-manufacturing residential buildings.

Tim Butterfield

PhD Candidate

Timothy completed his MEng Civil Engineering degree at the University of Sheffield in 2018, attaining first class honours. During his undergraduate he won the EPC Student Essay Prize 2015, sponsorship from Skanska (2015-16) and Buro Happold (2017), and organised IABSE's Future of Design conference 2017 in Sheffield. Summer placement experience included Crossrail (2014), Thames Water (2015), Factory Manchester (2016) and a specialist piling contractor (2018). Timothy is currently in his first year of PhD, working on a low-cost approach to automation, focussing on the final assembly of components on-site.

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