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I have secured funding totalling £3.8M (£1.75M as PI and £1.9M as CI) and built a team of twelve around my vision for the lightweighting of existing and future infrastructure by learning from real performance. Recognising the value of interdisciplinary collaborations, I lead consortia of industry and academic stakeholders to inform and support my projects. I work closely with both industry and government agencies as a consultant structural engineer, and am experienced in making judgements when faced with multiple conflicting opinions.


Key achievements in this period include winning a prestigious EPSRC Early Career Fellowship (£1.2M, 2015-2020), and an EPSRC Bright Ideas Award (£300k, 2015-2017). These projects have begun to deliver significant research outputs and provide a strong foundation for a Readership position. My EPSRC Bright Ideas Award (EP/M01696X/1, £300k) is due to end in June 2017, and will have delivered on its objectives. This project demonstrates that I can lead and complete research objectives. Outputs from this project have been presented at international conferences, and journal papers have been accepted in A-list journals (including ASCE Composites for Construction).

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My research focuses on peridynamics, concrete optimisation, flexible formwork, and construction of concrete structures.

Lightweight Concrete Structures