Is a PhD for you?

Are you wondering if a PhD is for you?

The short videos below were recorded with University of Bath PhD graduates, and their insight might help you understand what a PhD is all about, and how it can help your long term career.

Undertaking a PhD is a highly rewarding endeavour, but you need to be sure it is right for you. You should discuss any decisions with people you trust, and with your potential PhD supervisors. You also need to find a University that is well suited to your requirements and offers the kind of research you are interested in. Make sure you do a lot of background research before making your choices.

My research focuses on peridynamics, concrete optimisation, flexible formwork, and construction of concrete structures.

Pete Bonfield

Chief Executive of the BRE

Amy Frost

Curator, Beckford Tower, and Curator for the Bath Preservation Trust

Mike Cook

Chairman, BuroHappold

Phil Isaac

Senior Engineer, AKTII

Tom Blight

Sustinability Consultant, BuroHappold