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Project Update June 2019

June 03, 2019

Michal's latest report can be downloaded here

Project Update June 2018

June 10, 2018

Michal joined MEICON project in March 1st 2018. Since then he extended Global Floor Loading Codes survey to cover 54 countries with a population of 5.5bn (77% of global population in 2013 – previous survey covered 3.95bn – 55% of global population). 52% analysed population lives in cities. The average minimum characteristic area load (excluding partitions) assembled from design codes was found to be 2.19kPa whereas maximum average 3.42kPa (see: https://bit.ly/2JmNx9d).

At the same time, based on Lettings Agency buildings specification, rentable area of 95 office buildings responsible for 6.3M square metres was analysed (previous study covered 5.9M square metres). Office buildings are located in: London, Washington, NYC, Boston, Toronto, Houston, Denver, Calgary, SF, LA, Sydney, Perth. A weighted average imposed load excluding any allowance for partition was found to be 3.58kPa with partition load 4.20kPa. For 28 office buildings in London with total floor area of 0.8M square metres weighted average of imposed load excluding any allowance for partition was found to be 3.33kPa and 4.28kPa including partition load (see: https://bit.ly/2xVh58D). Therefore based on analysed case studies it can be found that imposed load is usually taken twice as large as minimum average. 

Based on conducted interviews with structural engineers and Hume and Miller (https://bit.ly/2y1oaoi) it might be found that common situation is to design an office space for imposed load “four plus one”, being “four” for medium term variable action of occupancy and “one” for long-term variable action of demountable partitions (5kN/m2). That value is very close to historical values introduced in 1909 at London County Council (General Powers) Act. Using this methodology, we can venture to say that office buildings are usually designed for imposed load equals to 20 cement bags placed on every office square metre 

See the full report here

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