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Laboratory Testing

Consultancy work is supported by specialist structures, geotechnical, fluids, and environmental laboratories with advanced testing and computing facilities.

Construction is currently underway for a new building for the Division of Civil Engineering on the West Cambridge Site. This will include brand new structures facilities.

Equipment available includes:

Structural testing

2000kN test machine

100kN, 250kN, 500kN test machines

High speed data capture

Digital image correlation system

High speed cameras for impact testing

Impact testing drop rig

Hydraulic systems for custom testing rigs

Laboratory strong floor

Laboratory strong wall

Concrete materials preparation laboratory


Materials characterisation:

CT Scanner

DVS Intrinsic

Pascal Porosimeter

Netzsch TG449 F1 Jupiter with QMS 403 Aeolos quadropole Mass Spectrometer

3Flex Surface Characterisation analyser

Acoustic Velocity Measurement


QMA rig for gas analysis

Optical microscope

pH meter

Impedence analyser

Laboratory balances

Thermal analysis equipment

Environmental Chambers

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