Advanced Manufacturing
and Materials

About Us

Working Group 21 is a sub group of the international association for shell and space structures (IASS). Within the scope of innovative lightweight structures the working group invites engineers, designers, artist, inventers and researches to exchange knowledge and information. You can support our initiative by joining our workgroup and by attending and joining our activities.


Background and Mission

The tension between idea and technique has taken an interesting turn. The possibilities offered by new modelling software and smart materials have led to very complex architecture in all its wealth and beauty. The building designs developed tremendously from mass production to very sophisticated, just-in-time-shape-and-place production. Construction of advanced building structures has become industrial design. In spite of what has been achieved, the gap between idea and technique has become larger. Working group 21 aims to narrow this gap by providing a platform to exchange research and application of advanced manufacturing and materials.

The working group focuses on several topics of the manufacturing process. Researchers are invited to exchange knowledge, to organise sessions and to participate in workshops and exhibitions. Beside creating a knowledge platform within the IASS we want to introduce interdisciplinary cutting-edge techniques and developments into the built environment. In general the working group aims to bridge the gap between mechanical engineering and the built environment.


Mission: The construction of lightweight structures by cutting-edge techniques and smart materials for the built environment.