Harbin Ice and Snow Construction Competition 2018

From 16th - 23rd December 2018, eleven students from the University of Cambridge took part in the annual Harbin Institute of Technology "Ice and Snow Construction Competition".

Five Universities were invited to take part:

  1. University of Cambridge

  2. TU Eindhoven 

  3. Harbin Institute of Technology

  4. Kent State University 

  5. Tsinghua University

The Cambridge team was made up of eleven students from the Departments of Architecture and Engineering. They were tasked with designing and building an ice structure on a 10m x 10m plot.

The team was (in alphabetical order):

  • Alfred Yeung (MPhil Architecture).

  • Arthur Chan (Engineering Year 3).

  • Cam Millar (Engineering Year 3).

  • Claire Zhang (Architecture 2nd Year).

  • Harry Edwards (Engineering PhD).

  • Mar Fernandes (Engineering PhD).

  • Matthew Sheasby (Engineering Year 4).

  • Mercedes Baxter Chinery (Engineering Year 4).

  • Oleg Korolovs (Architecture 2nd Year).

  • Qu Minghang (MPhil Architecture).

  • Stephanie Wai (Engineering Year 3).

The student team was led by Cam Millar.

The students designed a hyperboloid structure to take advantage of the material properties of ice, which is strong in compression and weak in tension. Using a rope net suspended from a crane, the structure was sprayed with ice to create a rigid hyperboloid. 

The Cambridge structure was chosen as the winner of the competition for 2018. Congratulations to the students!

Photos from construction are shown below:

HIT Cambridge

Videos of construction are shown below:

Structures from the other Universities are shown below:​

What goes up must come down. In 2019, the structure was dismantled by our colleagues in China. Thanks for the video, HIT!